Find Your Feet is about connecting people back to the earth. I don't do social media or use buzz words. Find Your Feet is about developing and facilitating workshops with school students, community groups, sporting clubs, and corporate mob. Letting it happen. The workshops enable people to tell their story in its entirety.  The workshops outcome is to allow men and women the opportunity to sit and share their story with those around them.  Find Your Feet also love connecting people.  No talkin' about, just bloody doin' it.  


My drive comes from knowing a young man called Bastien Madrill. Bastien was a strong young fella who ran his own race right up until his final breath at the age of 16. He showed me that story allows us to be bold and brave, and to have the ability to tell it allows others to do the same.  Bastien was humble.  Bastien never lost touch with what meant most. He knew who he was, he knew where he came from.   His parents proudly recall-


"Bas was a saltwater person. The Tiwi people are salt water people. Thus his love for fishing and surfing.  I remember him saying on the last day, one of the last things he did “Let me stand, I need to feel the ground, I need to feel the ground, I need to put my feet on the ground”Although it took so much courage, and I thought against it for the pain he was in, the condition he was in, Joe and I held him up so he could touch the ground with his own feet and stand with his feet on the earth one last time. Joe and Clare Madrill, Dad and Mum 




That's the Bas way!