'helping build good men'

One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap is a program being developed to prepare young people for the transition from Primary to High school, one of the most daunting yet exciting rites of passage.  We want to see all young people thrive through this significant time, and are dedicated to providing them with the tools to be their unique self at their own best. We seek to empower their sense of identity, independence, presence, and belonging to a community to nurture key life skills in their pathway towards high school.
Under the guidance of our facilitators, we bring Year 6 students together with Year 7 students to share stories and ease the transition by being mentored through a series of team building and self exploring/self strengthening activities.

Current research shows that there are many challenges impacting on young people including mental health, anxiety, feelings of lack of support, lack of motivation and inspiration, feelings of isolation, and peer pressure. We believe that through the sharing of stories there is an opportunity to connect and build a community around a young person. By recognising that we all have challenges, and that many of these are shared challenges and that we don’t have to face them alone, we can build resilience in young people within a community of support to face these challenges in a more positive way.
We see the creation of a healthy vision for each child’s future through acknowledgment and support, brings out each individual’s unique gifts, talents, and spirit, empowering them through this rite of passage.

Who Da Man

‘Who Da man’ is a three hour workshop that takes the participants on a personal journey through the four archetypes of King/Queen, Warrior, Magician, and Lover.  It is said a King/Queen is a man/woman of great strength who sees the world with a broad view. A Warrior stands tall, fighting with strength for all they believe in. A Magician feels a deep connection with the earth and the spirit, while the Lover understands the depth of both joy and pain.  We also explore the dark side of the archetypes, the shadows as they are known. Kings and Queens become Tyrants, Warriors become bullies, Magicians turn manipulative, and Lovers scorned and jealous. So how do we make it all work?
The workshop allows the students to identify with the archetypes and their shadows, discuss with their peers and mentors where they are present in their lives, and how they can move out of their shadow and develop into the men and woman they are capable of.
This workshop introduces language rarely used and gifts young people confidence and hope, it's where young people discover themselves for the very first time……