Challenge the title of Man


In 2 hours we add a truckload of tools to a blokes belt for when they need that helping hand to start the conversation that ultimately saves lives. The workshop does that by championing vulnerability, role modelling speakin up, and showing a real fella puts his hand up for help. This workshop transforms the bloke who thinks it's weak to speak into the champion who knows we go from zero to hero simply by tellin' and owning our story


Own Your Story


A two hour workshop that goes beyond ticking all the boxes when it comes to having an honest conversation with our mates. It introduces activities and creates discussion that allow participants to question stereotypes and gender and offers an opportunity to explore and re-write the expectations placed on us in a safe and supportive environment through story telling 


Farmers Friends


Farmers friends is all about connecting farmers from all over Australia in a supportive and educational environment over 2 days and nights. We engage on topics such as  holistic farm management, pasture succession and landscape diversity, breeding, diversification, biodynamics, consumer needs and going organic. The group also share on their farming experience, isolation, community, goals and expectations, vision, farm and family management, and the wellbeing of our mental self.

The idea for Farmers friends came about in Charlie Arnott's kitchen in Beautiful Boorowa one night over a bottle of plonk. I had delivered two bee hives to Charlie that morning for his property Hanaminno Station, a bio-dynamic farm that exudes an energy of peace and harmony with the land around it.  We discussed the need for mentoring in the farming community and the reward that comes from celebrating our story.

We have farmers from all over New South Wales and as far as Central Queensland attend the three day event facilitated by myself, Tommy Herschell and hosted by Charlie Arnott and family at his property Hannamino Station, Boorowa.  Each farmer finds the event inspiring, rewarding, and refreshing. Sitting around the fire in the shearing shed the men get talking. The facilitated activities take the men through a diverse menu of conversation starters. Some talk wives and kids, others financial strain, some talk suicide, stock loss, and drought. For two days the conversation doesn't stop, many of the men say they haven't shared their farming experience before, certainly not in an environment where honesty, vulnerability, and healing co-existed. We've even had one man say the weekend 'saved his life'.


Startin' that Conversation 


Start the conversation is a 2 hour workshop built around connecting to your story.  The workshop aims to break down the stigma that  telling your mate your 'doin it tough' to a mate is a burden.  It identifies that within all of us we have a desire to talk, to share, to be vulnerable.  As fella's, we take the easy road, we shift the attention.  'Start the conversation' creates a safe environment for fellas to have a beer, a feed, and a conversation that provides a toolkit for emotional wellbeing built for fellas.